The 7 Wonders Of Greece

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I would like to write about the 7 Wonders of Greece and I suspect that you like to know what they are. Here is just a glimpse of what these 7 wonders would be “The Palace of Knossos” on the Isle of Crete, home of King Minos and legendary Minatare. “The Oracle of Delphi” was the center of the Greek world built by Cleisthenes. The “Theatre of Epidaurus” is the world’s largest drama theatre and built to honor The Spirit of Dionysus, the queen of drama. A 110-foot tall bronze statue “The Colossus of Rhodes” is the Sun God Helios that overlooked the harbor of Rhodes. “The Olympics” and this gave rise to Olympia the greatest sports arena of the ancient world. The myth of a utopian world “City of Atlantis” and this no one has ever resolved. To match the ancient legends, these Greeks excelled and with their achievements, they developed the skills to build one last monument for their culture, the icon of “The Parthenon” and its perfection. All this I am not going to do. I am going to tell you a tale of one man that helped bring free democracy to the City-States of Greece and that shaped the ancient world, as we know it to this day. It was not perfect, but was the model of democracy that civilizations used to build their governments. In, 490 BC a lone figure runs the terrain of Greece, his name is Pheidippus (Pheidippides) a citizen of a tiny democracy named Athens. On this day, “Pheidippus will make one of the most astonishing athletic achievements in history. This is the inspiration
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