The 9 / 11 Phone Call Warning

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The 9/11 Phone Call WARNING – READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED FOR THE FOLLOWING IS BASED ON TRUE EVENTS. 9/11, the four word combination everyone dreads. Many people had died, during this event... which just adds to the tragedy. In this story, you will read a 911 cal from fictional characters. However, at the bottom of this story, the shortened 911 call is there for you too read. You may begin... The plane just crashed, a girl from the north tower calls... 911- This is 911, what is your emergency? Melissa Harper – Hello? Please, please help us! W-we are stuck! 911- Where are you? Melissa Harper – We are in the twin towers- yelps – I-I 'm scared! The girl starts to cry... 911- Alright what is your name? Melissa Harper – Melissa! M-Melissa Harper! 911- You will be ok... what is the phone number you are calling from? Melissa Harper – 441... 911- ok... Melissa Harper – 2623... 911- That is on the 105th floor of the northwest corner correct? Melissa Harper – Yes! I-I can 't see anymore! 911- You can 't see? Melissa Harper – N-no I cant! 911- Alright, you will be ok. Melissa Harper – Miss, there is one more person in the office and... we... are really not ready to die! Please, please just send someone! 911- I know, I am trying my best to get all apparatuses there. I am letting them know where you are, please stay on the line. The poor girl whimpers in fear as she feels the building shake. Melissa Harper – Please hurry! She starts to cry heavily, the other person there watching the
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