The 90S Were A Time Of Great Advancements In Both Healthy

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The 90s were a time of great advancements in both healthy and not so healthy foods, it was a time when laws were passed to regulate and educate our consumption and a time of rising obesity. For me, growing up in the 90s was great, there was video games, great TV shows, and a lot of interesting things happening in the world, but what I remember most fondly is the food. I remember being in the cafeteria trying to trade some of my lunch for my friends gushers and fruit roll ups, I remember asking my mom for a dollar to get some hot cheetos from a vending machine. The 90s were a special time for food and in this essay I will go over some of the landmark foods and events that helped shape the 90s food landscape. During the 90s there was a trend…show more content…
While there was an increase in awareness for healthier simpler food, many junk foods became popular during this time period. In the 90s there were many innovations in the realm of junk food, snacks like Gushers, Ring Pops and Hot Cheetos were introduced to the market and have become a staple of children’s lunchboxes and vending machine all across the united states. Hot Cheetos is a brand of chips made by frito-lay that is a variation of regular cheese cheetos, the addictive nature of hot cheetos have made them popular with children and adults alike. Mcdonald’s even began marketing different menu items such as the Arch Deluxe in an attempt to shed its childish appeal with more robust and sophisticated ingredients, however the Arch Deluxe failed to capture its demographic and was taken off the menu only a couple years after it was introduced. In addition to the Arch Deluxe, Mcdonald’s also introduced the ill-fated Mclean Burger in an attempt to appeal to the more health conscious customer, however this venture would prove fruitless as the burger was nearly tasteless and the tradeoff between the fat content and flavor was not worth it to most customers. While Mcdonald’s released its fair share of floppers
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