The A Bird, It 's A Plane

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IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE, IT’S… (whole group discussion) Welcome campers back to The Science of Superpowers! Before beginning today’s activities, find the nearest phone booth, don your red cape and have campers share what they know about Superman. What superpowers does he have? Who is his alter ego? Add to the conversation by either reading directly from the Background Information or by ad-libbing in your own words. Then, challenge campers to name any other superhero or villain with the ability to fly as they prepare for the next activity. In major metropolitan areas, skyscrapers line the streets. While they are an essential part of city life, these tall buildings are obstacles for anything or anyone trying to fly through them safely.…show more content…
Was anyone able to fly? Why not? Now, give each group a balloon and have campers drop it from about hip height, counting the number of seconds it takes to hit the ground. Everyone should have the chance to drop the balloon and count. How long did it take for the balloon to hit the ground? The balloons didn’t stay in the air for very long. What could make them stay in the air longer? (If you throw them up in the air.) Staying in the same groups, have campers throw the balloons high into the air, counting how long it stays in the air from the time it leaves their partner’s hand to the time it hits the ground. Caution them to not skew their results by hitting the ceiling or lights. Did the balloon stay in the air longer? How much longer did the balloon stay in the air? (Use subtraction to find the answer by subtracting the number of seconds when thrown minus the number of seconds when dropped.) The balloons stayed in the air longer than you did when you were jumping. Is this flying? Why not? (No, the balloon only went straight up in the air, still coming down pretty quickly.) When you jumped, you came back to the ground pretty quickly. When you threw the balloon high into the air, it also fell pretty fast. What prevented you and the balloon from actually flying? (Answers will vary.) On Earth, there is something special that keeps everything from floating into space. What is it? (Gravity.) Without gravity, you would
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