The A Cold Winter Night

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Picture this: It’s a cold winter night and you are diving on a desolate, icy road and you are tired and in a bad mood. You spot a flash of red up ahead. A family of cats is hiding in a torn box on the edge of the road. You have two options, drive by and believe that they will be alright, thinking someone else will help them. Or two, take a few seconds out of your busy schedule, clean out the back of your car and carefully put the cats in, you know that you don’t like cats but are willing to help. Which would you choose if given the option? Think of this: It’s a hot summer 's day and you are running late for a meeting and your kids are yelling in the back and you spot a dog, just wondering around in the middle of the road, no collar and looks like he’s been without food for a few days. Would you stop to help or just honk your horn until he moves? I’m betting you say you would help but would you really? In this day and age we don’t think much of stray and wild animals roaming our streets and roads. Just a nuisance not really a threat right? Stray animals are a huge problem in our communities today, whether it be from hit animals, damage to houses, trashed areas, or the pile up in our humane societies. Throughout this essay topics will be discussed about stray animal negligence such as, stray cat and dog populus, statistics, problems in humane societies, and ultimately how to fix this problem which is by spaying and neutering animals as well as stopping the flow of animals, and
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