The A Deep Bruise, A Black Eye, And A Bloody Nose

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A deep bruise, a black eye, and a bloody nose. Three distinct signs of violence. These are the prominent features the actress wears within the PSA I chose for this analysis. In this essay, I will discuss the primary message within the announcement. I will then identify the purpose of the video and to whom this PSA is directed. I will analyze the communicational techniques, as well as the type of speech within the video. Prove how the video is effective and decide its ethicality. Finally, I will conclude with a personal reflection of lessons I have learned.
After searching for a Public Service Announcement online, one of the video images caught my attention: a woman with a deep bruise, a black eye, and a bloody nose. Presented by The National Domestic Violence Hotline, this YouTube video was created to bring awareness to the prevalent issue of domestic violence within the United States. The main message being sent to the PSA’s audience is located near the end of the video when three words appear on the screen next to the bruised woman: “it rarely stops.” The overall main claim being made is that domestic violence is a reoccurring cycle that has to be addressed. This message leads us to the purpose of this video, which is also located at the end of the video; once the screen fades black, the national domestic violence hotline number appears. The creators of this video use the text to inform the audience about the effects of domestic violence and persuade victims of abuse to…
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