The, A Documentary By Josh Fox

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GasLand, a documentary by Josh Fox, is an extremely informative film about the negative externalities that consumers have to incur since they live in close proximity to a hydrofracking facility. Throughout the film, Fox travels around the country and meets with families that have been negatively impacted by fracking companies moving into their communities. Due to the amount of pollution that hydrofracking can cause, many of the families that Fox meets with no longer have the luxury of clean water supplied through their faucets. GasLand really opened up my eyes to the dangers of hydrofracking, and the negative externalities that consumers have to bear. Currently, there is a huge national debate on whether the benefits of hydrofracking outweighs the costs that it brings. The individuals that support the idea of hydrofracking in the Shenandoah Valley say that it will bring millions of dollars to this area. They also claim that hydrofracking will bring hundreds, maybe even thousands of jobs to the valley, which will further bring tax breaks to the local citizens (Knupp). Supporters also claim that if the United States extracted more natural gas domestically, it would reduce our dependence as a country on foreign oil. The money that the United States uses to buy the oil from foreign countries may be used to fund terrorist organizations. Another argument supporters use is that since the United States has a huge supply of natural gas that is across the country, it should be taken
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