The, A Neighborhood Grocery And Lunch Counter On Elm Street

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Deli, a neighborhood grocery and lunch counter on Elm Street, is owned by David Duncan. Mr. Duncan wants to buy Lot 51 which is located behind Deli and beside the Blue Boutique, a clothing showroom. Six years ago Mr. Jones sold the current Deli lot to Duncan and also offered Lot 51 for 6000 dollars. Because of budget constraints Duncan could not afford Lot 51. Presently, Duncan has fair amount of budget and wants to buy Lot 51 so as to provide parking space for his customers. I represent Duncan and Dan represents Mr. Jone’s agent and we met to settle the price of Lot 51 with a fair agreement. The negotiation between Dan and David is elaborated. This paper will discuss various factors that contribute to a successful negotiation. Following which it will emphasize on the skills required to become a good negotiator. Lastly, an outcome of insights gained and their importance is postulated. I greeted Dan and we started to speak about the relationship I had with Mr. Frank Jones and how he was a good man. Then the topic smoothly shifted to the market value of the land near the Elm Street area. We were soon discussing about Lot 51 and I quoted a price of 6,500 dollars. Dan showed some disappointment with the price and explained how the market value of the land raised by 10% in six years. From his talking I could understand that he was expecting a more profitable price. In an amiable way I asked Dan of how much he was expecting for Lot 51. Instantly, he quoted 8000 dollars which was

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