The A Pasifika Person Has Multiple World Views And A Diverse Cultural Identity Essay

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A Pasifika person has multiple world views and a diverse cultural identity. They can function and traverse successfully through spiritual, social, political, cultural and economic worlds. Achievement in education involves incorporating Pasifika diversity within an enabling education system that works for young people, their families and communities. This requires the education system, leadership, and curricula to start with the Pasifika learner at the centre, drawing on strong cultures, identities and language Despite the vigorous hard work and good intention that teachers with Pasifika students do in class to prepare students, Pasifika students are still not engaging and continue to underachieve (Siope, 2011).
According to Thompson et al (2009), pedagogy that is culturally responsive is quoted as being important. It offers teaching and learning approaches which contribute to engaging student learning. Students coming together to share their knowledge with other learners also contribute to supporting other learners and their learning (Samu, Mara & Siteine, 2008). The first step to improving engagement is to form relationships with Pasifika learners, so learners can build confidence to participate in classroom activities.
The Pacific population is growing in New Zealand, and the number of younger Pacific Islanders is growing, and so will the demand for teachers that can engage with Pacific learners. Whitinui (2007) suggests in his work on engaging Maori

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