The, A South Korean Film Directed By Joon Ho Bong

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While the world is debatably the most prosperous it has ever been; due to the high number of people who are able to enjoy the many prosperities, most of the population can be viewed as the lower class. This unfortunate fact stems from the unequal distribution of wealth and furthermore, leads to complications that extend beyond the financial facet. Snowpiercer, a South Korean movie directed by Joon-ho Bong, demonstrates an exaggerated division of social class within a futuristic world characterized by a post environmental melt down. This division amongst the passengers of a train, which carries the only remaining life on Earth, shows the extreme circumstances that can follow a divided community. Many of these issues are widespread and…show more content…
These living conditions can be paralleled to modern day society. For example, there are those who live in run down houses within the inner city as well as those living in mansions alongside rivers and lakes. This distribution of wealth, while sometimes seemingly fair, is fundamentally wrong and aids in further separating the mentalities of those on opposite sides of the financial spectrum. One key difference between the tail end and front passengers is the diet that has carried them through eighteen years on the train. While passengers in the back have been forced to survive off protein bars made from ground up crickets, the front-end passengers have feasted on foods that are thought to be extinct. In one scene of the movie, Curtis, a strong-willed leader who remembers life before the freeze, throws a gelatin bar to one of the upper-class prisoners insisting that she experience one of the many hardships that he has had to persevere through. This act of retaliation is meant to give the front cart prisoner the insight to see the difference between surviving and living. This drastic separation of lifestyle leads to social issues that can polarize nations, allowing for every man to fend only for himself. Throughout several scenes of Snowpiercer, it is apparent that white supremacy influences the leaders’ decisions and sense of urgency. The issue

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