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Executive Summary
The Airbus A380 project is one of the most complex projects to ever happen. An aircraft of such large size and complexity would always have problems. Although problems are always anticipated during such a large project, the management involved with this project mismanaged many aspects. The project’s success can be examined using many project management aspects. This report will analyse in particular the areas of project scheduling, stakeholder management and project leadership within the A380 project. The project will also be assessed against project success methods to analyse its problems and lack of success. Prior to the release of the A380, it was hailed as an unparalleled symbol of European manufacturing prowess:
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Although the announcement for the A380 came in 2000, project selection into an ultra-high-capacity airliner began in the late 1980s, where a small group of advanced Airbus engineers began work in secret on the development of a plane, an aircraft that would break the market dominance that Boeing had enjoyed in prior decades, especially in the large-aircraft market (Norris, 2005). The first public indication that the project was failing was the announcement made by Airbus when company executives made their initial admission of ‘manufacturing troubles’ and stated its first delay of the project, at a cost of six months to the delivery schedule (Clark, 2006). Although the failures included in the A380 have been attributed to delivery delays, underlying problems with project management must also carry some blame.

2.0 Project Scheduling
Project scheduling demonstrates the conversion of project goals into an achievable methodology for their completion, and for project success. This topic encompasses various aspects such as; Networks, Critical Path, Lagging, Crashing and Duration Estimation, which is the next matter under discussion (Pinto, 2013).
2.1 Duration Estimation
Duration estimation is the estimate of the time required to complete activities. It is the core of time management in projects and must be calculated with

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