The AMR corporations and American Airlines

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There are companies that are laid out in various parts of the word. The company that I had chosen the AMR Company, the industry it operates in is the Airlines. The AMR Company operates in the Airline industry and its home country/domestic environment is in the Fort Worth, Texas of the USA. AMR (parented of American Airlines) was founded back in the 1920’s by a young aviator named Charles A. Lindbergh who flew mail in DH-4 biplanes and eventually form into a modern-day American Airlines. In November of 2007 the AMR Corporation had planned to divestiture the American Eagle to its own regional carrier in 2008. The least admired for the AMR Corporation would be the millions of dollars that they lost during the decline in business travels. The spent money to enlarge their companies with mergers and added flight packages that they turned around to retire at least 22 aircrafts that includes TWA’s entire fleet of 10 DC-0s. According to Chairman Don Carty “Keeping capacity in line with demand is one of the most import actions we can take in response to these adverse economic conditions.” The business theorist I would had chosen for this is Professor John Eric Adir, his theory is a leadership theorist and author of forty books on business, military and other leadership. The Department of Transportations had plans to terminate its regulations governing the market of electronic distribution of tickets and flight information to travel agents. There were economic
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