The ANC and PAC's Influence on the Fall ofo the Apartheid Regime in South Africa

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Since its colonization by England and the Dutch, South Africa’s government struggled under power hungry colonial leaders and most recently under the white dominated Apartheid regime. Before colonization, South Africa was ruled by different tribes each having jurisdiction over their section of land. Eventually, South Africa like so many other Africa countries, fell victim to European colonization. The first European settlers were Dutch, who arrived in 1652 and worked for the Dutch East India Company, whose main focuses were trade, exploration, and colonization. In 1820 the British arrived and for years South Africa was suppressed and ruled by Britain and the Dutch. Finally, South Africa gained independence on May 31, 1910. The country was unified from its previous divided British colonies and was now called the Union of South Africa, ruled by its minority white population. In 1948, the National Party won the election and was lead by Daniel Malan. Malan and the National Party installed the apartheid system, a word meaning apartness, which segregated the country into blacks to whites. In 1950, Malan created the Registration Act and which required everyone to classify according to race, and African Americans were forced to live in separate cities and ostracized by the white population. Through almost 50 years South Africa lived through a dark stage while the rest of the world shunned them and the UN deemed the apartheid a “crime against humanity.” The Apartheid was finally

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