The Abc Company Is No Longer Effective For Our Clients

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The ABC Company is in need of an updated system in the dales department. Our current system is no longer effective for our clients, nor is it lading us to reach the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. The sales department in the ABC Company is going to experience change in how sales will be tracked moving forward. Change is not always accepted in the workplace but it is necessary to keep up with increasingly high expectations from customers. As read from an excerpt from the article, “Successful Change Management in a Week” Bourne mentions “Customers are demanding higher standards. In most cases customers have a choice about where they buy products or services and this leads to greater expectations of both. If they do not like…show more content…
The employees will have the opportunity to gain a sense of ownership throughout the process which will help implement this change as effective as possible. “Psychological ownership is critical to generating true enthusiasm and commitment to the project. Therefore, the ideal situation is that every key player gains some psychological ownership of the project” (Umble & Umble 2014). Implementation: The Necessary Change As organizations grow around the world, they must set themselves apart from the rest. “Organizational change is an important topic in a rapidly changing economic environment, adaptation to changing circumstances is fundamental to survival” (Dainty & Kakabadse 1990). At ABC Company, we will implement a sales tracking system with more efficiency in time management which will benefit customer base. This initiative will set us apart from our competitors. We will implement a state of the art system which will allow the sales team to spend more time with their customers, growing those relationships and building trust in those relationships for the success of ABC Company’s future. “Changes in the marketplace and/or the competitive environment can render a sales force and its strategies and tactics obsolete” (Colletti & Chonko 1997). The new tracking system will not require the sales team to spend an immense amount of time
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