The Abc Descriptive Analysis On The Behavior, Compliance, And Anger Management

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A 12 year old boy struggles with interpersonal relationships, compliance, and anger management. His grades have been between decreasing, and he continues to act aggressively toward staff when they direct him to an activity or assign him a task/homework. His target behavior is aggressive behavior toward staff. I would start measuring observable behavior by having the staff conduct a functional behavior assessment to gain knowledge about his target behavior and purpose. During this assessment we would observe the boy several times in various situations. When the identified behavior is observed staff would record the situation, behavior, and consequence of each behavior using ABC analysis. I would also collect baseline data by interviewing family, staff, and by direct observation. Lastly, I would review medical records for any information that may have a connection to his target behavior. [Yes] The ABC descriptive analysis method allows us to document the event that leads to his target behavior, note the behavior, and describe the consequences that preceded the behavior (Cipani & Schock, 2011, p. 52). It allows professionals to collect data through those people that are involved in the behavior at that time instead of collecting after the fact. In my example below, the staff documents the antecedent conditions during class time while providing the group with directions for the next task. The boy eventually is removed from the classroom and then given another chance
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