The Abc Murders

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The ABC Murders - Summary and analysis Summary (Spoiler Alert): Hastings, Hercule Poirot's partner and assistant, returns to Britain, just as Poirot receives a sinister letter from an unknown person under the alias ABC. The letter says, that he should look out for Andover, on the 21st of the month. Just as stated in the letter, something happens on the 21st. A woman in Andover, named Alice Asher, turns up dead. On the crime scene an ABC railway guide is found, and Andover is marked. The police believes that this is just a coincidence, and that the letter and the murder are not connected. On the very same day, Poirot receives another letter. This time it tells Poirot, to look out for Bexhill on the 25th. On the 25th another woman is…show more content…
Poirot thinks the entire case through, and he has a revelation. He gathers everyone to tell the story, and Franklin, Sir Carmichael Clarkes' brother is revealed as the culprit. Analysis of Hercules Poirot: Hercules Poirot is a cunning belgian private detective. He is a very plain character, and troughout the film, he does not undergo any changes to his personality. His plain character is very characteristic for the british crime fictions. This is aimed, towards keeping the puzzle in the center of attention. Poirot would never engage in violence, instead he uses his famous "little grey cells" to solve the puzzles. Poirot does not believe in coincidences, which is seen several times in the film. Even though he is little, he stands tall. From start to finish Poirot is teaching Hastings about being a detective, and how to catch the real clues. This is very common in crime fiction, and it tends to happen quite often in crime novels and films. This also happens in the Sherlock Holmes novels/films, where Sherlock Holmes is teaching Dr. Watson how to think, and how to observe. Poirot is very smart and guileful, in the way he plays tricks on the murdered peoples relatives. He is a man of pride and dignity, and in his own eyes he is the best detective in the world. Discussion of Van Dine's 20 rules of writing detective stories: Van Dine's first rule of writing detective stories, says that the reader must have equal opportunity with the detective,

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