The Abel Prize

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The Abel Prize is to Mathematics, as what the Oscars are to the film. The Oscars is an extraordinary event that highlights all of filmmakers/actresses and actors achievements throughout the year. However, I am sure like many individuals you’re wondering what does this have to do with Mathematics? Well I am glad you are pondering these queries. The purpose of this expository is to give you as the reader some background on why the Oscars are so important, and how probability (statics) plays a major role in the selection process

The very first Oscar awards were held on May 16, 1926. Instead of a huge event it was just a small dinner, where only 15 awards were handed out and the entire “award ceremony” lasted all of 15 minutes. This lasted until
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The voting process for the Oscars does have several flaws. The Oscars actually has two types of voting systems. One process that is used is based on mathematical practice (i.e. probability) to determine how each will be selected. Then, there is another system where the votes are based on how you actually felt about the film. For example, the entire voting committee consists of about 6,000 members with various credentials in film. These groups are then broken down into smaller groups of 17 or more. In groups where mathematics isn’t “valued” each member is encouraged to vote based on the way they “felt” about a certain film. Instead of using a practical function. There is no right or wrong answers. There aren’t even scoring sheets, basically it is based on your hearts desires, which I find to be very flawed for the simple fact that someone may not like a certain film because either they cannot relate to the film or because it is not set to their “standards” . However, there was a study done in 2015 that proved that Oscars can nominations and winners can be determined based on mathematics. A Harvard student by the name of Ben Zauzmer created a algorithm based on different factors. The algorithm actually worked and he was able to predict 85% of the winners based on probability. How this works is that he gathers data points from the past 20 years, and compares them with the information from the current year to help give him a possible answer. I am partial to this study; yes I believe mathematics does play a role in the selection. However, I think we need to take a deep look at whom is one group from last year (2015-2016) consisted of 17 members. Of those 17 individuals only 4 were minority. Now for the purpose of this paper let’s assume that this group uses the second string voting system where it is emotional driven. Any film that does not appeal to a certain group of individuals then the film doesn’t have a fair chance to
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