The Ability For An Educator

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The ability for an educator to produce a safe learning environment should not take years of chaos and turmoil to find solutions to behavior problems in the classroom. The availability of researched based information found on the internet is only seconds away. Professional learning communities are available to assist in such matters, yet persistent discipline problems end careers for many young teachers. Polat, Kaya, and Akdag (2013) stated teachers new to the education system leave the profession within their first three years of employment. What can be done to stop the outflow of educators leaving the field as the inflow of students continues to increase? Educators must be reflective teachers in order to change practices that fall short…show more content…
I believe the improvement of my students is attributed to the improvement of my skills in the above-mentioned areas of classroom management. Even though improvement has been made, there is still more work to be done. Two areas that need improvement deal with peer mediation techniques and forming successful partnerships with parents. The first seldom happens and the latter happens with less frequency I had hoped for in finding support for student learning and behavior. One example where peer mediation would be effective is conflict between students arising from something done or said to them. For instance, a child approached me to say someone hit them when in fact the other child was trying to remove a bug off the accusers back. This misunderstanding or miscommunication consumes time away from instruction and does not empower children to solve conflicts correctly on their own. Another area I want to focus on is establishing more partnerships with parents. Even though I did establish a handful of partnerships by e-mailing parents activity pictures of their child throughout the year, I feel much more can be accomplished. The quality of such a relationship as reported by Gurland and Evangelista (2015) predicts the outcome of future achievements. Thus, the following are SMART goals created to strengthen the areas pertaining to peer mediation and parent relationships. By September 5, 2016,
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