The Abjection Stage And The Narcissistic Stage

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These are the Chora stage, the Abjection stage and the Narcissistic stage. The Chora stage covers the first six months of an infant’s life. It is a pre-linguistic stage where the infant is dominated by a chaotic mixture of acuities, feelings and needs. It is also a stage when the infant is oblivious about the need to distinguish itself from its mother or the world around and is fully dependent on its mother for the gratification of its desires. This stage is followed by the stage of Abjection which occurs from 4-8 months of age. The infant at this stage becomes conscious of the differences between self and m/other and in a bid to develop the contours between self and m/other separates itself from the mother. Kristeva refers to this act of…show more content…
Now the child has a clear perception of the subject, object and the abject. The subject (child) submits himself to the prevailing rules and customs of the society, the object (other) opposes the subject and disturbs the smooth run of things whereas the abject threatens the very identity and wholeness of the subject. Objects can lead to either or both fascination and repulsion. When an object is on the verge of destroying the subject’s existence, it becomes an abject i.e. something to get rid of. In a similar manner an abject becomes an object, when it is no longer a serious threat to the subject’s hegemony over its own self. In the Symbolic realm or the linguistic stage the child is further separated from a connection with the mother as language itself finds meaning within its own internal logic of differences. For example the meaning of the word ‘hot’ is understood only when we deduce the differences while comparing it with the word ‘cold’. Expanding upon this concept of abjecting or differentiating ourselves from others, Kristeva further contends that all acts of abjection or creating borders between the subject and the abject at the level of individuals, communities, states, nations etc. originate from the psychic isolation prompted

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