The Abolishment Of The Government : What Is Our Government?

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What is government? What is our government? Our government the united states is a nation state with a federal system in place. The government is a group of people who control the state and the state is a collection of various institutions. Theres also liberalism which is belief in representation that someone represents the will and or inherit the wants and the needs of society this garteners the illusion that the world can only be this way only and prevents the people from coming together on their own. The government doesn't serve the interest of the people but the those in power like corporations people who own or control means of life whenever the people want something for example some sort of change or reform the police and the military is always there to stop them prevent the voice of the people from being heard robbing them of their power. I wanna abolish nation states in favor of decentralized self governed communes.
Some benefits with the abolishment of these nation states and the reform that'd come after would be freedom, autonomy and equality.The only way to truly be free is to get rid of the state and every other form of domination with the abolishment, hierarchy would essentially be gone and in the self governed communes these concepts would come into fruition. Without any hierarchy no one would be above one another promoting equality however freedom are mutually dependent on each other. Individual freedom grows with collective freedom. Autonomy is the

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