The Abolition Of A Person Through The Court System Essay

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As America abolish slavery after the civil war, and thousands of African Americans were free to live lives without the fear of slavery or undue punishment not all things turned out the way one could have hoped for. Followed revisions of the 13-15th Amendments to the Constitution, provided the use of exclusion through the criminalization of a person through the court system. However such rights as described in the 13th amendment provides a claw allowing for racial divisions to persist in the country. Such loop holes in the Constitution reduced freedoms by convictions through the legal system. As described in the George Ritzers piece describing McDonaldization of mass plea bargains contributing to the increase removal of a person’s rights and exclusion from aid otherwise qualify for. Such loss of freedoms through court sanctioned violations in America caused a national reflection of American policies targeting black and brown people up to 70% more than whites. Reflecting on the destruction of this clause in the 13th Amendment we’ll evaluate why it was put in and what this loop hole allowed the country to maintain.

Through the work Michelle Alexanders The New Jim Crow in 2010 continue evaluates the relationship of vilifying or the creation of other-ing in order to maintain justification for targeting black and brown bodies, as Denis Childs describes it as, “Natural born Criminals.” A level of state terror described by Childs through the US of mass incarnation in order to…

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