The Abolition Of The Brazilian Slaves Essay

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The Abolition of the Brazilian Slaves
Slavery in the Americas started with Christopher Columbus at the end of his first voyage, west of the Atlantic. When Columbus saw the Indians (as he called them) and he thought they would make great servants to overlords in Europe. The author writes, “he promised to bring Ferdinand and Isabella as many slaves as they required” (Nowara 10). This was a suitable proposition because the lifestyle of slavery was already embedded in the minds of the Europeans during the medieval times. The Portuguese and the Spanish were already using slaves from Africa while Columbus was discovering the Americas and the Caribbean. During sometime between 500 A.D – 1500; the Iberian Peninsula became a gateway for slavery after Spanish and Portuguese kingdoms drove out Muslim kingdoms and battled them in the North of Africa. Another place that was conquered by the Portuguese was Morocco and the city of Ceuta which was a strait in the peninsula. Giving the Portuguese control and power of trade routes of gold and slaves. This soon brought the Portuguese west and down Africa coastline. But African slaves was already well known in parts of west and central Africa. The author writes “slavery was a well-rooted institution in the African societies with which they traded” (Nowara 12).
There is proof of trade routes dating before the Atlantic slave routes, coming from the Saharan and Indian Ocean region. But the Atlantic slavery trade routes had a lot more captives

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