The Abolition Of The Death Penalty

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Introduction Nearly every civilization has historically used execution to punish criminals, although the customs and procedures are different today. Since World War II, people have been trying to abolish the death penalty. Today, ninety countries have abolished it for all offenses; eleven countries have abolished it except for special circumstances; and thirty-two others have not used it for at least ten years. Executions around the world are nearing record levels and the United States is one of the four countries who contribute to the record amount of 97% of the execution total. A report released by Amnesty International in 2005 shows that at least 3,797 people were executed in 24 countries in 2004. In 2004, the number of worldwide…show more content…
Statistics Nearly all civilizations historically have used execution to punish offenders and criminals alike; though customs are different today. Since WWII, people routinely try to abolish the death penalty. Today ninety countries have abolished capital punishment for all offences, eleven for all offences except under special circumstances, and thirty-two others have not used it for at least ten years. Sixty-four countries retain it. This includes the People 's Republic of China who performed more than 3,400 executions in 2004, amounting to more than 90% of executions worldwide. Within 12 states, the US executed 59 prisoners the same year. Both men and women inmates are eligible for the death penalty if they are convicted on a crime that is eligible for the punishment. The total population on death row is 3,049 with 1.94% of those inmates being female. Currently, 59 women are awaiting death. Since 1976, there have been 15 female offenders executed (Women and the Death Penalty, 2015). Prior to 1976, the last female offender in the United States to be executed was Amy Duncan in California on August 8, 1962. Women accounts for about 10% of murder arrests and 2.1% of death sentences imposed at the trial level are female. Only 0.9% of women are executed in modern times (Women and the Death Penalty, 2015). About 13,000 people have been legally
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