The Abolitionist Movement Essay examples

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All throughout history, and even today, people will have their own positions on certain subjects, in the early half of the 19th century a raving topic was that of slavery. Along with the bringing of the first Africans into America came the controversy of whether it was right to use and abuse fellow humans just because of the color of their skin. The period of opposition towards slavery can be broken down into two periods, a period of antislavery movements prior to 1830 and a period of abolitionist movements from the 1830s until the end of the civil war. Despite the efforts of many in the period of antislavery, the movement just didn’t generate an impact as grand as that of the abolitionist’s movement. The antislavery movement in the long…show more content…
Despite the private donations and decent funding, only few trips were made and little people were escorted out resulting in the formation of only one colony that would become Liberia, nothing large enough as to affect the nation greatly. This period of soft spoken activists did have some national affects but was not by any means revolutionary.
The 1830s marked a drastic change in character in activists, when instances went from being small and ineffective, to great, nation-changing campaigns. The abolitionists’ movements after the 1830s irrefutably had huge impacts in the United States in various aspects, aspects such as politics, society/equality, and even in culture. The abolitionists were more fervent in their expression of disproval with slavery, and many abolitionist icons expressed themselves through literature. William Lloyd Garrison and Fredrick Douglass along with their publications in the newspaper, the Liberator, sparked a flame against slavery in the hearts of many Americans that may have had either a neutral position or even a proslavery opinion thus turning the tides towards abolition. Another person who, through literacy, aided in the strengthening of the abolitionist party was Harriet Beacher Stowe with her publication of the illustrious novel “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” This book not only changed the views of countless people but also influenced the literary aspect of the nation, for to
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