The Aborigines Protection Amending Act of 1915

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The Aborigines Protection Amending Act of 1915

B) Argue against the Protection Act

I have chosen to argue question B, because I am against The Protection Act.
The protection act was passed in 1897, where the chief protector, who was in charges and their guarding, he was allowed to remove children from their families. In 1971 the Aboriginal Protection Act stopped. The act gave the power to remove any child without any court order nor parental consent. The act provided full control, and therefore the Aborigines would lose their freedom. The government removed Aboriginal children from their families and where starting the process that created the Stolen Generation, also known as the Stolen Children.

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After the British colonization of Australia in 1788 began, certain social problems started to appear, some of witch let to alcoholism, poverty etc. This can be related to the Protection Act; Archie Roach was taken from his family because he had a white grandfather. Roach knows what the Aboriginal children were going through. In 14 years he thought that both of his parents was dead, because he had been told that they was killed in a fire. Then Roach received a letter from his sister, witch said that his mother had past away a week ago. Roach has been lied to his whole life, so he ran away. Now he is 45 years old, and his life has led to alcoholism.

The Protection Act has affected many Aborigines children. An example from Carol, personal story in Bringing Them Home Report; “Four generations of my family went without parently love, without mother or father. I myself found it very hard to show any love to my children because I wasn’t given that, so was my mother and grandmother”. This shows that it does not only affect one generation but several generations. Because they have not experienced motherly love, they cannot pass it on to their own children.

The lady Zita Wallace still remembers “the coarse texture of the blanket” from the time she was torn away from her family and sent to live in an orphanage run by white people. “We were put in a dormitory that had mattresses on the floor”; Zita remembers that se were brushing away flies

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