The Abortion For A Minor

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Support legislation and opposition Relating to notice of and consent to an abortion for a minor. Abortion for minors is a major public health concern in the United States. There are more than 300,000 births to teens each year, increasing the risk of both the mother and the baby’s health. Abortions on minors have raised political, clinical, social, and economic awareness. In order to make effective changes to abortion for the minor one must produce empirical evidence, to evaluate policy options for persons involved in public health policy and legislation. In January 2000, Texas enacted a law requiring physicians to notify the parent before an abortion is done with a minor, or notifies at least one parent of the intent to terminate the pregnancy 48 hours prior to the abortion. Later in 2005, the law changed and was requiring a notarized parental consent with a notification for an emancipated minor to receive an abortion. (Guttmacher. (2013). There are two types of Parental involvement laws, the first one is the law requiring parental notification and a second one that require parental consent before a minor gets an abortion. A parental notification law is a written notification to parents by a medical provider before a young person can receive abortion while Parental consent laws is when a young person obtain consent by one or both parents before an abortion. States are not allowed to give parents an absolute veto over their daughter’s decision per Supreme Court. Most…
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