The Abortion Of The Fetus

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I am going to argue that its is right to claim that, even if a fetus is a person, abortion is still permissible when one’s risk in health/stability/happiness is threatened. I believe that any woman, who houses the fetus inside her body for estimated nine months have the right and the choice to abortion when it is for one’s health, stability and happiness for both the mother and the unborn fetus. Thomson’s argument is entitled as “Defense to Abortion“. I agree to Thomson and her argument when it comes to aborting a fetus, even if a fetus is a person. Yes, it has it’s own DNA, and it’s own life but when it threatens the “house” that it stays in, which in this case would be the woman/mother’s womb, I believe the abortion of the fetus, is permissible. Thomson states “it cannot be seriously thought to be murder if the mother performs an abortion on herself to save her life.” (Thomson, Defense on Abortion, pg6) Thomson gives an example of a violinist being plugged into another human, using their blood in high hopes of survival by that person’s kidneys extracting the poison from the violinist’s blood. The person never agreed to do such, being that it was decided by the Society of Music Lovers; but did not go against it by detaching himself from the violinist knowing that it can cause death. This explains that there are events where we don’t have much of a freedom of choice when there is a conscious person/life involved meaning, when there is a conscious life in our hands,
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