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Christopher Pinango ENC 1101 19 September 2016 The sunlight burns my skin. I can feel the pores in my face exhaust heat fumes. I’ve slept for a couple of hours, but somehow I’m still tired. I guess airplanes are not the most comfortable places to take naps in. I turn my head over my left shoulder, and I see it. Il Tricolore. Verde. Bianco. Rosso. I’ve never been so close to it before. It looks much better than in pictures, that’s for sure. I climb down the stairs, and start walking towards the terminal entrance. I can clearly notice the sign indicating I’m in the correct place. “Benvenuto L’aeroporto di Roma-Fuimicino.” I smell something very particular. I don’t know what it is, but it refreshing. Maybe it’s the wind? I’ve never been through an actual winter. Is this how it feels? It’s not as cold as I’d thought it’d be. The trees. I’ve never seen naked trees before. This is all so fascinating. I just noticed there are many Fiats parked one behind the other. It looks a little cliché, but it’s funny. I can already tell I’m going to love it here; and it’s not even my last stop! *** The sky is black. The moon is nowhere in sight. I’ve been seating in this car for hours. I can hear the sound of the wheels on the pavement, going over small rocks every few minutes. My phone does not have signal, so there’s pretty much nothing to do. I rest my head on the window, and am taken aback. In the night sky, a sea of stars light it up. They’re so big. So many. I’ve never seen so many in

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