The Above Quote, States To Show The Relationship Between

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The above quote, states to show the relationship between power and politics. Power over the years has been described as a phenomenon of control in regards to politics. Power is an important tool, in politics, it has been since time in memorial. Furthermore, Power is seen as very important because it plays an important role in political issue of our world today be it between countries or states; that is to also say that power is very important in, International Relations. In recent times, the bases of politics relies on the activities of power. That is why there is the term power politics. Furthermore, politics in relations to power can be seen as the structure, process for the effects of goals, directions of an organisation state or…show more content…
Power in the simplest term possible can be the process of being in control; that is being in control of situations and taking charge. Power can also be defined as the process of an individual having control over another individual or groups of individuals. According to Hays (2002), four important things should be noted when defining power, the include; 1) Power can be understood with effects 2) Power has its attributes to an individual’s behaviour. 3) Power is included with control, domination. 4) Power can be unproductive in some cases; this is because some gain will others don’t; that is to say one individual may have more power that another. Furthermore, this goes to show how power has various meaning, its effects of ones action on another, its relations with other individuals in terms of behaviour and power over people in countries or states. Also, another definition of power can be seen according to Boulding view; Boulding (1990) defines Power as a the essence of potential for change. This change in itself being to achieve a common goal for groups of individuals, political parties, states, nations and countries. In addition, Colin Hays (2002) describes Terence Ball’s definition of power as one of the most important concept which organises political theory. This definition still shows the interrelation of power and politics and how each relays on the other. Finally, According to Nye (2011), power can be defined in various ways by peoples choices which
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