The Abraham Lincoln 's Childhood

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Summary The book starts with talking about Abraham Lincoln’s childhood. Abraham was born in Nolan Creek, Kentucky in 1809, to his parents Nancy Hanks and Thomas Lincoln. Abraham 's father Thomas was described as “a tinker- a piddler- always doing but doing nothing great” (2). During his childhood, the family would move several times, first to Indiana and later to Illinois. Abraham’s mother, Nancy Hanks, died when he was still a boy. The following year his father, Thomas remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston, because he needed help taking care of the motherless children. Lincoln and his stepbrother John Johnston and his cousin John Hanks were employed to move goods down the Ohio River. Soon afterward, he moved to New Salem, Illinois. For the most part this was Lincoln decision to leave his father forever. After arriving In New Salem he described himself as “a piece of floating driftwood that had washed up on the towns shores” (11) In New Salem Lincoln set up as a store clerk to try to support himself. When the Black Hawk War broke out in 1832, he became the captain of his volunteer company, serving but seeing no active duty “never even saw a hostile Indian” (17). After serving in the Black Hawk war, Lincoln made first his first run for elected office. In his first run he was unsuccessful, but two years later, he ran again and was victorious At the same time as his political success, Lincoln 's law career also began to flourish. He was admitted to the bar in 1837, and moved to

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