The Abrahamic Covenant Essay

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LIBERTY THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY THE ABRAHAMIC COVENANT OBSTACLES BEFORE THE FULFILLING OF THE PROMISE GENESIS 12-17 Submitted to Dr. David Maas In Partial Fulfilled of the requirements for OBST 605 - Genesis By Paris Marshall-Cole May 5, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2-3 II. God Offers Abraham A Covenant------------------------------------------------------------------------3-5 A. Sarai and Hagar------------------------------------------------------------------------------------5-7 III. Fulfilling The…show more content…
God’s covenant with Abram, whose name was later changed to Abraham, was to be the father of many nations. The covenant includes promises concerning a land covenant, a seed covenant, and a blessing covenant. The foundation will flow out of the “Seed Covenant” to his descendants Isaac and Jacob, through whom the twelve tribes of Israel were born. There are seven elements in God’s promise to Abram, which are listed in 12:2-3 1. I will make you a great nation 2. I will bless you (personally blessing 3. I will make your name great 4. You shall be a blessing 5. I will blessed those who bless you 6. I will curse those who curse you 7. In you all the families of the earth shall be blessed (Genesis 12:2-3). Abraham’s response to God’s promises were obedience (4-6) and confirmation (v. 7). In Genesis 15 the writer states that the Lord took upon Himself alone the responsibility for fulfilling the covenant. Genesis 17 adds the revelation that the covenant would be everlasting. One cannot research the Covenant and not about the narrative of Abram’s life. God Offers Abraham A Covenant Theologically, a covenant (used of relations between God and man) denotes a gracious undertaking entered into by God for the benefit and blessing of humanity and specifically of those who by faith receive the promises and commit themselves to the obligation which this undertaking involves. The Abrahamic Covenant is an unconditional covenant. God made
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