The Absence Of Chronic Pain In Older Adults

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According to American Geriatric Society (2002), chronic pain often associates with older adult. In United States, most of the older adults are suffering from pain in the absence of disease which is clearly not a normal part of aging (Bell et al. 2004). The common chronic pain in older adult is fibromyalgia, gout, neuropathy such as diabetic neuropathy, osteoarthritis and many more (Hiemenz and White 2002). It is estimated that 30% to 50% of older adult has multiple disease and its interaction with body physiologic changes may results in decreased in ability to respond stressors. Chronic pain among older adult has been associated with negative perception that it will lead to impaired in psychological functioning (American Geriatric Society 2002).…show more content…
2010 ). A study have been conducted that that showed the number of participants with osteoarthritis increases in advance age and besides that almost 58% of older adult are known to have two and over chronic diseases ( Rustoen et al. 2005). Altered in physiologic function along with advanced age results in frailty. Frailty can be defined when an older adult has 3 out of 5 factors such as loss in weight, extreme fatigue, weakness in hand grip, decrease in walking speed and physical activity (Rastogi and Meek 2013). Absolute pain in older adult might influence their mental health (Bell et al. 2004; McCracken and Vowles 2006; Keefe et al. 2013). The effect of chronic pain can be varying such as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance and many more (American Geriatric Society
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