The Absence of Morals in Brave New World Essay

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Scientific advancement is generally used to lead humanity into a state of perfection. Humans are anything but perfect, but through science they can continue to enhance themselves and their surroundings in order to reach this state. Huxley, in his novel Brave New World, argues that this is not the case. Through the creation of a type of scientifically led world order, the society has destroyed the one thing that people cherish most, their individualism (Brander 71). They are no longer individuals; they are consumers assimilated into an overall society by the power of genetics. However, that is not all. Baker contends that “Huxley’s greatest fear was the potential misuse of genetic engineering, but Brave New World also reflects his warnings…show more content…
The people are nothing more than consumers. They believe everything the government tells them, and they have no right to disagree because they do not have the ability to make value judgments. Emotions are artificial, created by the government for the people. Brander claims that in Brave New World “Affection and loyalty are unnecessary… truth is arranged in a test tube … which by its action annihilates identity” (61). Freedom of expression is nonexistent because the people are conditioned to believe they are in a state of pure happiness all the time (Watts 77). Discontent with the society is nonexistent also. If someone is ever unhappy, they are given soma. This drug wafts the people “into the heavens of a restorative illusion” (Woodcock 99). The irony is in the fact that the government uses a drug that distorts people’s realities in order to control them. While the people may be content, the society is still dystopian. This is evidenced in the fact that Henry Ford has become their deity. The people worship someone who has made it possible for the government to impose absolute control (Calder 74). The religious ceremonies themselves are more than spiritual; they are sexual also. Attendance is required, and at the end of each ceremony, the attendees are forced to take soma. The
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