The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

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Many of us think that racism is a problem from the past, a problem during the era of Abraham Lincoln. Well if you think that, you are wrong because racism is still a big problem today and it still affects many people. Racism is something that has been disputed since the Civil war, and even many years later into the Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther king did so much trying to change this ideation of the United States, but we can see that this problem still exists. In the book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, Arnold Spirit has been a victim of racism in his school. Arnold wants to get a better education and in order to do that, he would have to go to a white school where he would face discrimination.
In the novel “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” Sherman Alexie has given us a story of an Indian boy who exemplifies the overcoming of everyday systematic racism. He has shown us that this boy has become a symbol of inspiration for his family. That even though he constantly faces problems, he is willing to do it. He proves to his family that he is a warrior, not a warrior for being Indian, but for been a brave young man. Alexie Sherman has taught us in his book that Arnold has overcome all of these obstacles in his life such as blatant and subtle discrimination, due to his race and appearance. In his novel Sherman Alexie uses a lot of humor to tell the story of Arnold Spirit, he uses cartoons to tell us that this story is not supposed to be sad…
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