The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian `` By Sherman Alexie

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Rural poverty similar effects

There are several people in the world who live in poverty. Poverty hits children the hardest. Little more than a decade ago, the Armenians had faced the hard facts of poverty after break up with Former Soviet Union. My family moved into our motherland Armenia, meanwhile our nation was going through huge dramatic changes after the great earthquake and war with Azerbaijan. Furthermore the poor economy and inflation destroyed numerous people hopes and future. In the novel, “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”, by Sherman Alexie, Arnold Spirit is also known as Junior describes his life challenges of poverty living on Spokane reservation. Like Arnold, as I begin to compare him going through hardship and finding out true place in the world, I often find similarities in living in poverty with large effect of hunger and education.
To begin with, fourteen year’s old Arnold describes his life while growing up in Wellpinit, he was going through malnutrition. Arnold as a cartoonist, wishes to draw food and money, and as magician perform some magic trick and make it real. However, he realizes the reality of just being poor reservation kid living with his family on the poor Spokane Indian Reservation. In the chapter “Why Chicken Means So Much to Me”, (page 8) he shares his formula about being poor. “Poverty is empty refrigerator plus empty stomach.” He describes sometimes his family misses a meal and sleeping on empty stomach. Also, being
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