The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part-Time Indian Revenge Analysis

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Revenge, it’s a cold word with a cold definition: The action or intent of harm to someone for the harm they have caused. In literature, it generally leads to either a character's death, or at the very least they’re physically or mentally harmed. It is a common theme in many stories, weather it’s the main subject of the theme, or just off to the side, it is often used to drive characters, cut loose ends, and sometimes, end a story.
In the story “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” One of the most prominent examples of this is Rowdey. He is extremely hurt by the fact that our main character, Junior, is going to a different school that he lashes out quite often. Revenge can commonly be a response to anger, whether it
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He did not appreciate this very much and ended up trying to kill Jem and Scout in order to get back at Atticus. Luckily this didn’t work out as well as he had hoped, as the knife was turned against him.
In the movie “Defiance” Revenge plays a major role in the motives of many of the characters. For those who watched the German soldiers murder their family, friends and sometimes even towns, they wanted nothing more than to watch the German war machine crash and burn.
In one scene, the jewish refugees capture a German scout,They crowd around him and eventually beat him to death.As one of the darker scenes in the movie, it shows revenge in one of its rawest forms. The main characters in the film, the Bielski brothers, fight against the nazis not only to survive, but to try and get back at the Nazi threat.
The very best example for revenge from all the stories we have read this year is easily “The Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare. The jewish “antagonist”, Shylock, has been abused and ridiculed on the daily by a christian merchant named Antonio simply for having interest on his loans of money. On the daily he is spat on, called names and looked down upon. Naturally, Shylock is not the biggest fan of Antonio and his friends, so when they come knocking at his door for help he gives them a hard deal. If they fail to pay the debt in time, Shylock can have a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body. He made
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