The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian By Sherman Alexie

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The Absolutely True diary of a Part-Time Indian, written by Sherman Alexie, is a semi-autobiographical novel that narrates the story of a Native American teenager. The narrative uses ‘humour to soften the sometimes difficult and emotional story’ of the protagonist, Arnold ‘Junior’ Spirit who was born with ‘water on the brain’ and is constantly targeted by bullies. The main themes that is carried throughout the novel is isolation as well as determination. These themes are expanded on with many of Arnold’s life events. Throughout the novel there are many narrative features; some of these are focalisation, diction, imagery and point of view. All of these narrative features positions the reader on how native Americans are seen as a lower class than white people as they are poorer than the white people.

The passage is placed in the middle of a emotional time for the protagonist, his friendly dog, Oscar, is needing to be put down as the family does not have enough money to take care of him. The theme that is primarily shown here is isolation. Isolation is a main theme as the Native Americans are isolated due to being ‘trapped’ in poverty. This theme is present as the passage takes us through what the parents of Arnold, would be doing if they were not poverty stricken. The dreams that the parents were after, would ensure that they were not looked down upon from others around them as they would seen as the middle class of the society.

The narrative explains to the implied reader…
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