The Absolutely True Tale Of Disaster In Salem By Rosalyn Schanzer

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National Geographic writer Rosalyn Schanzer has written a terrifying but true story known by the name Witches!; The Absolutely True Tale Of Disaster In Salem. In the town of Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692 two girls started to have unexplained fits and lead the town into chaos. The answer that the people came up with was witchcraft. Everyone starts to accuse their friends and family, making them go to trial and it already has lead to the deaths of many people. The trials were very unfair using spectral evidence, the close-minded judges, and the false accusations. During the trials, the judges used, “...evidence from the Invisible World of spirits. The legal term for this was ´spectral evidence´, which meant evidence related to supernatural beings that were invisible to everybody except the afflicted accusers” (Schanzer 76). The accused should not be found guilty if the evidence…show more content…
However, some might say that the judges were just following the law and that the accused could have truly been bewitched or used witchcraft. But the use of spectral evidence and just this type of evidence is not fair to the accused. The judges should have used a little bit more physical evidence rather than a bunch of stories known as spectral evidence. The close-minded judges also made it impossible to leave the trial found not guilty because the judges wouldn’t consider anything unless it was supporting the fact that the “witches” were guilty. Finally, the accused were only at trial because of false accusations. Therefore the use of spectral evidence, the close-minded judges, and the false accusations were unfair to use during the Salem Witch Trials. If we could have known this then, we could have saved nineteen innocent lives and saved everyone the trouble after the trials. Even if the innocent lives were human beings or animals the lives were wasted. Hopefully, after this catastrophe, nothing of this nature will ever happen
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