The Absurd View of American Society Portrayed through Catch-22

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In Joseph Heller’s Catch-22, the use of protagonist Yossarian as well as characters such as Milo Minderbinder, the Chaplain, and the Soldier in White show readers the underlying issues that occur during a war such as World War II. Heller argues that what society perceives is merely a fraction of the full picture. Firstly, throughout the novel Heller argues that the eyes of society are blinded to the fact that not every sacrifice made in a wartime situation is done for the good of the country. Secondly, society never sees the irony of honour is constantly questioned as the novel progresses; this refers to the idea that doing what is considered morally just does not always reap its deserved rewards. Lastly, the novel highlights man’s mortality and loss of morality. Being a member of society and a war veteran himself, Joseph Heller understands the perspectives of both soldiers and non-military members of society. Through the use of grim, over exaggerated personas and absurd situations, Heller is able to use the military to reveal the full picture and express his views on American society during his time. This ghastly exaggeration of the events which occurs in World War II is known as Black Humour, a…

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