The Abuse Of Drugs And Alcohol Has Been A Growing Problem

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The abuse of drugs and alcohol has been a growing problem nationwide. This problem usually starts during a person’s teenage years and grows into a vaster problem during a person’s adulthood. In the United States these problems have seem to expand over the years in each coming generation. For instance, a growing problem that the current generation is facing is the use and abuse in prescription drugs. Also, there has been a movement in drugs such as from powder to crack. Additionally, many other issues have been discovered as an effect of this substances being used such as defects in the children of pregnant woman that consumed the substance while pregnant. With an increase of substances there has also been an increase in movements to stop…show more content…
These problems develop for many reasons including problems at home, abuse, neglect, low self esteem, and peer pressure of other students. Surprisingly most of this happens at school since it is where adolescents spend a major part of their time (Samdal et al 2000). Even though there are programs to help this issue in the programs themselves there is a dysfunction that does not allow the necessary treatment given to each gender and the gender gap exist when trying to give treatment (Yeom, 2015). I decided to go into further research about my topic and talk to a law enforcement officer from my small town in Pearson, Georgia. I was pleased to speak to Officer Miguel Carachure from Atkinson County Sheriff Department. He is very passionate about his job taking it very seriously and was pleased to give me a great quantity of information. I started by asking him “What social policies have been enacted to remedy the problem on the abuse and use of drugs and alcohol?” he responded with “The use of drugs and alcohol are a major problem now days that laws are made to punish those under the influence of them weather a person may be hunting, driving or simply in public. Driving under the influence is a major point in the state of Georgia. Most of the time we have teenagers that are charged with the use of drugs or alcohol because we all know that while under the influence they can cause serious injuries to
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