The Abuse Of Millions Of Innocent And Defenseless Animals

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As a huge animal lover, I was disgusted to hear about Ebbie’s story. Ebbie was a beagle rescued from an animal testing lab in Spain. When he was rescued by an organization called Beagle Freedom Project, he was deathly ill, emaciated and had tumors all over his frail body. Before being rescued, he had spent his entire life in solitary confinement where humans tested many deadly chemicals on him. When he first moved into his new home after being rescued, he just spent his days lying on the floor and was unwilling to interact with humans in anyway. It’s truly incredible that after months of love and compassion from people that fostered him, he learned about love and trust towards humans after being so dramatically traumatized from the abuse he received in a lab. I stand here today to present you with the issue that needs to be addressed immediately: the abuse of millions of innocent and defenseless animals through animal experimentation. Millions of animals are in agonizing pain while being kept in tiny cages of labs while scientists inject dangerous substances in them and perform risky surgeries on them. Such immorality of scientists is allowed because there are no laws that prohibit this torture and protect the quality of life of these innocent animals. The root of animal testing started thousands of years ago when scientists studied animals. During the early twentieth century, more people became curious about biology and body systems; therefore, studied on animals. As…

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