The Abuse too Many Children Face

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Many children face abuse and do not know how to get help. In some countries other than the United States child abuse is more widely accepted or overlooked. Many people know the signs of a child who is abused, but a lot of people will not say anything. The biggest thing that people need to realize is that is they would speak up against child abuse they could then potentially save children from further abuse and create a better life for them. Child abuse is considered a form of domestic violence in today’s society. There are many different forms of abuse that a child or young adult can be put through. The two main types of abuse a child could experience is sexual or physical abuse. All types of abuse can permanently harm the person who is experiencing it and have a huge impact in their adult life (“Child Neglect”, 2013). Children all across the world can experience these different types of abuse. In different countries it may be acceptable to beat a child. Children that live in different countries and societies may see different types of abuse than those in the United States. Different countries have their own way of disciplining their child. Some countries may beat the child with belts, their hands, and any other object they can find. Some may burn the child, pinch the child, and even put a hot pepper into the kid’s mouth. This would be considered forms of physical child abuse in our country. On the…
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