The Aca 's Effect On The Labor Market Remain Unclear Because

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The ACA’s effect on the labor market remain unclear because it is still being phased in. Studies done on state level policy changes similar to the ACA in Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts indicate the
ACA could be a disincentive to work. Those same studies indicate that subsidized health care can be an
Incentive to seek and retain employment or increase productivity by searching for a more rewarding career or becoming self-employed. There was also a study done in Oregon that found no impact from increased access to affordable health care on employment or earnings.(Aaronson and Lubotsky)

While the ACA is certainly a controversial piece of legislation, with its supporters and detractors, the current studies done on state level
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(Aaronson and Lubotsky)

There could be positive impacts to this as well. A Massachusetts based study was done to determine the effect of increased access to health care insurance had on job to job mobility, the decision to become employed by one’s self and the decision to retire . The subgroup of people at 300% of the
Federal Poverty Threshold showed an increase in job mobility. Moving from one job to another was
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