The Academic And Social Challenges Of Children From Single Parent Homes

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Research Proposal
The Academic and Social Challenges of Children from Single Parent Homes
Ball State University
Jason Huffer
EDPS 640
Dr. Eric Pierson

Children of Single Parent Homes 2

The purpose of this current study is to highlight the growing academic concerns and difficult social challenges facing children who live in single parent homes. For this study I will focus on children nationwide. I will present data related to this topic on a couple different subject groups. These groups will include children of different races, gender, and those who are living in a father absent home. Through my research I will show the growing need for additional programs, both after and during school, which focus on positive mentoring and academic achievement for students who often find themselves at a disadvantage to their counterparts who come from more traditional, nuclear families. Throughout my research I will utilized data derived from various entities. These entities may include government agencies, scholarly research journals, personal experiences, research databases, etc. The research will not be conducted unilaterally, but rather, in a collaborative manner with experts in the field, and my fellow peers and colleagues.
According to research conducted by Gunnar Anderson, nearly half of the children in America were living in single parent homes by the time they were fifteen years of age, in 2013. In 2010, the United States…
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