The Academic Performance At Central Falls High School

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Central Falls, Rhode Island, is located just outside of the Providence, the capital of Rhode Island. The diversity of the Central Falls community is echoed by looking at the high schools’ 800-member student body. Within the number of students the birthplaces represented are Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Guatemala, Cape Verde and United States. The school bodies’ aggregate ethnic breakdown is calculated as 72 percent Hispanic, 15 percent Black, and 13 percent White (Donnelly & Rochefort, 2011). The school system is the pushing force behind achieving the hopes and dreams of the students. Educational Statistics The academic performance at Central Falls High School (CFHS) has historically trailed behind the average school performance numbers for the state of Rhode Island. According to the article, 271 freshmen entered Central Falls High School in 2005, but only 47 percent reached graduation four years later. Other data revealed that other 33.5 percent of the students dropped out, 12.5 percent were held back, and 7 percent received a General Equivalency Diploma. Data also revealed that only 55 percent of the student body was considered to be proficient in reading and only 7 percent proficient in math. These statistics showed little improvement by 2008, where the math proficiency rose another 3 percent (Donnelly & Rochefort, 2011). Identify the stakeholders The article states that Central Falls High School parents eagerly want something better for their children;
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