The Academic Success Of Jacob Essay

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When considering how best to support the academic success of Jacob, a teacher must take into account his unique situation and exceptionalities. It’s obvious that Jacob is struggling on multiple levels, being an ESL student with ADHD who missed some key foundational skills by not attending 1st or 2nd grade. In order to aid his literary endeavors, a teacher will have to develop an individualized plan to meet his needs and overcome his challenges. Certain factors that a teacher should analyze include culture, the possibility of special education,
Cultural Factors
Culture can play a major role in one’s education, including their thoughts, feelings, and actions towards their school, their teacher, and themselves. It’s important to take into account cultural factors when considering how best to educate Jacob. “The influence of culture on beliefs about education, the value of education, and participation styles cannot be overestimated.” (M.S. Rosenberg, 2010) Depending on his culture, things such as eye contact with the teacher, peer collaboration, and parental participation can all vary and each of these factors do play a part in Jacob’s educational experience. How much pressure he or his parents put upon him to perform well academically can also be due to a cultural factor and can either negatively or positively affect Jacob’s motivation towards school and academic achievement.
Some culture see peer collaboration as cheating and prefer a more traditional model of
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