The Academic Writing Processes Is The Second Strategy For Pre Writing

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One of the academic writing processes is pre-writing. Pre-writing has two strategies; one of the strategies is invention strategies. The invention strategies is an organizer that presents strategies for “inventing” ideas or details that may be organized and developed in an essay or in a writing form. An example is brainstorming; this technique is the process of rapidly listing or developing information about a topic. As you brainstorm the ideas, do not worry whether they are bad or good. Another example is clustering; this is a way of mapping out ideas to show their relationship. Write the topic in the center of the page, think of details that can relate to the topic and connect the details around the topic with lines. Organization strategy is the second strategy for pre-writing. Once you have used the invention strategies to develop the ideas about your topic, you may need to use a different set of organizers to help organize those ideas. In the organization strategy, there are two organizations one of them is graphic organizers. This style visualizes the ideas and their relationships to another. An example of graphic organizers is a Venn diagram; which is used to make comparisons. The other organization is formal outline; this is an organization of information or ideas that can be used for writing a draft. It is important that logical order is used when using an outline and also items should be closely related, and placed together for a more natural flow of ideas.
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