The Acceptability of Eggshell Powder as Alternative Component in Making Toothpaste”

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“The Acceptability Of Eggshell Powder As Alternative Component In Making Toothpaste”

An Investigatory Project submitted as an entry to the 2012-2013 School Based Science Fair
CLUSTER II- Life Science- Group Category

Allysa Aira S. Corpuz
Maikka Patrice Gonzales
Realyn D. Gaudia

Orion, Bataan

Under the guidance of
Mrs. Miguela B. Cayabyab


Background of the study

Filipinos are very talented human beings, they really love to cook, especially desserts. As people make desserts, mothers and chefs always used ingredients that can make the food looks yummy and taste delicious where egg is one of those ingredients. Eggs are very famous; it was usually used in making desserts. But as people
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Scope and limitations

This research is focused in the feasibility of eggshells powder which is used as main component in the production of toothpaste this study also focus on effectiveness of the toothpaste with eggshell and cinnamon powder.
The study also focuses on how it can be cheaper than the commercial one that is more expensive. Also focus on how this study can help the community in budgeting their personal needs like toothpaste.
The time storage of the produce toothpaste is not covered by this project. The time storage is not covered by this project because this can be the problem that another researcher may solve.

Review of Related Literature

-HISTORY: Eggshells are composed of around 95% calcium carbonate, a mineral that is very important for industry, nutrition and agriculture. There are many studies trying to find new ways to utilize this resource. With their natural absorbent properties, they are being looked at for treating cadmium in waste water.
Eggshell is mostly being use in designing, this is also can be use as decoration on plants.
Powdered egg shells are used in animal feed and pet food; there are nutritional supplements that are composed of this mineral. Historically the shell of an egg has been used by some artists in the recipe for white pigment.
Some young students have experimented with
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