The Access Control System For Providing Physical Security

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In the present world, the Access Control System is used in all the places where it is intended that a system should allow the authorized persons to get in or leave the facilities as and when required and also to keep a record about these movements. Basically it determines who is allowed to enter or exit; similarly allowed to exit or enter even with the time when they are allowed to enter or exit. In the past, the same job could have been partially done by locks and keys. But there were number of limitations of the mechanical locks & keys. Firstly, it did not provide any restriction to the key holders to specific times & dates. Secondly, it did not provide any records of the key used to a specific door. Thirdly, the keys can be easily copied or transferred to the unauthorized person. Finally, when the key is lost, the authorized person losses his access to the protected areas and the locks must be re-keyed.

Electronic Access Control System has come forward to solve the problems of mechanical locks & keys. The system uses a computer network where a wide range of credentials or identifications are used to replace those mechanical keys. In the system, when the credentials are provided then the access is granted; the door is unlocked for a predetermined time and the transaction is recorded. Again, when the access is denied, the door remains locked and the attempted access are also recorded. The system can also monitor the door and…
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