The Access Of Clean Water

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In today’s world, the access to clean water is unspeakably easy. Technology has revolutionized what it means to get clean water that is safe to drink, shower in, and play in. The water that is consumed by humans comes from water treatment plants, making it perfectly safe. Many people don’t think about where their water comes from, or the process it has to go through in order for it to be consumable. However, many countries do not have access to clean drinking water. In other places, people have to clean their own water using the sun to kill bacteria. This process is called the SODIS process. SODIS, meaning Solar Water Disinfection, is a process that uses solar radiation from the sun to kill the bacteria in contaminated water. When countries do not have access to clean water, they use this process because it doesn’t require money and because it is quite simple to follow. Water is put into a regular sized water bottle and is placed onto an area that can be affected by the sun, such as a roof. Small bottles are usually used because there is a lower risk of contamination because of the small space the water is in. The water can reach temperatures of 70 to 100 degrees. The SODIS process is simple, but it is very time consuming; one bottle can take up to 6 hours to disinfect. SODIS has proven to be a very reliable way to clean water. In countries where people may have to drink dirty water, they can suffer from disease. According to the Centers for Disease…
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